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Happy Whole Human . . . It's Happening!

A completely private virtual healing space for you to relax and embark on a profound life-changing personal journey

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The Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program will Give You access to: The 22-Dimension HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment Online HWH Fundamentals 6-Part Online Course An Inspiring Holistic Virtual Retreat Context for Your Journey Access to Our Entire Library of Streamed Self-Hypnosis Mp3 files Tools to Improve Your Life and Relationships Exercises to Help You Identify Your Core Values, Needs, and Heart’s Desires Support in Writing a Life Mission Statement Support in Goal Setting Emotion and Thought Management Strategies Daily Motivational Focus HWH Emails to Keep You on Track Weekly Q & A Call with Lisa HWH Coaching HWH Lifestyle Architecture Recommendations for Fitness and Money Tracking Software DIY Home Spa Treatments Laughter Studio 6 and 12 Month Follow Up Self-Assessments to Measure Progress

Step One: Take the HWH Holistic Health Test

What if you could measure your wellness in a way that factored in your self-esteem and the health of your most important relationships? This self-assessment is divided into three sections, each focusing on a particular area of your overall health and well-being: 1) Health of Relationship to Self, 2) Health of Relationship to Others, and 3) General Wellness Snapshot (How You Think, Feel, Act).

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Step Two: Pick a Virtual Holistic Wellness Retreat Destination

This is where the fun begins! As part of the Fundamentals program, you get to pick from exciting destinations for any portion of your virtual holistic wellness retreat (think of it as “choose your own adventure”). Whatever background you select becomes the landscape of your Happy Whole Human experience. Think of it as a personalized vision quest where you can raise your consciousness, and empower yourself to live as a Happy Whole Human.

Step Three: The Six Part Online HWH Fundamentals Curriculum

Our online program will teach you new habits of self-awareness, confidence, compassion, and productive results-oriented behavior. Our comprehensive wellness curriculum is research-based and inspired by both Family Systems theory and the emerging holistic framework of Eco-Psychology. The HWH Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program includes a preliminary assessment, ongoing dynamic education and support to improve your holistic wellness, a customized and structured approach, empowering tools, status and progress reports, and ongoing support. As you learn to identify and release stuck emotional energy using tools designed to effectively manage destructive emotions and thoughts, you will return to your daily life refreshed and armed with stress-management coping strategies grounded in the wisdom of nature.

Overcome Your Fears and Obstacles with Self-Hypnosis

Enjoy access to our growing library of affirming Self-Hypnosis streamed recordings on topics such as self-esteem, weight loss, social confidence, smoking cessation, emotion management, and overcoming narcissistic patterns to help guide the way to wholeness.