Consent to Participate in Internet Research

Identification of Investigator and Purpose of Study

You are invited to participate in a research study, entitled “Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment: A Validity Study.”

The study is being conducted by:

Dr. Deborah Jacobvitz
Director of the School of Human Ecology
The University of Texas at Austin
200 W. 24th St. A2700
Austin, TX 78712
Office phone: 512 471 4276

Dr. Lisa Leit
Founder, CEO
Happy Whole Human Institute for Holistic Wellness
7000 N. Mopac, #200
Austin, TX 78731
Office phone: 855-HWH-LIVE


You are free to contact either investigator at their address, email, and phone number to discuss the study. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to further develop and validate the 140-item Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment (HWH Self-Assessment). In our analysis, we will examine to what degree the Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment instrument measures what it intends to measure, and the degree to which the “thing” that the instrument measures has meaning. Your participation in the study will contribute to a better understanding of the degree to which we will be able to use it to understand and predict people’s behavior. This should help us understand the feelings, attitudes, and behaviors of different people with a view to helping them to improve their holistic wellness over time.

If you agree to participate:
• The Self-Assessment will take approximately 30 minutes of your time.
• You will complete three sets of questions, one set of 140 questions about your holistic wellness, 10 questions about whether or not you are feeling depressed right now, and four questions about your general health and well-being.
• Upon successful completion of the survey, you will be compensated $.50 via the Amazon MTurk compensation system.

Risks/Benefits/Confidentiality of Data
There are no known risks or costs for participating. We hope you will benefit from the personalized holistic wellness handbook you will receive via email. Your name and email address will be kept during the data collection phase for tracking purposes only. A limited number of research team members will have access to the data during data collection. Identifying information will be stripped from the final dataset.

Participation or Withdrawal
Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may decline to answer any question and you have the right to withdraw from participation at any time. Withdrawal will not affect your relationship with The University of Texas or The Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness in any way. If you do not want to participate either simply stop participating or close the browser window. If you do not want to receive any more reminders, you may email us at

Privacy and Confidentiality Limitations with Amazon’s MTurk
MTurk worker IDs (i.e.,the 14 character sequence of letters and numbers used to identify workers) will NOT be shared with anyone. MTurk worker IDs will only be collected for the purposes of distributing compensation and will not be associated with survey responses (if applicable). MTurk worker IDs will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team, will be removed from the data set, and/or will not be linked to survey/study responses (as applicable). Any work performed on MTurk can be linked to your public profile page. Thus, you may wish to restrict what information you choose to share in their public profile. Consider’s warning to workers:

If you have any questions about the study or need to update your email address contact the researcher Dr. Lisa Leit at 855-HWH-LIVE or send an email to

This study has been reviewed by The University of Texas at Austin Institutional Review Board and the study number is [STUDY NUMBER].

Questions about your rights as a research participant
If you have questions about your rights or are dissatisfied at any time with any part of this study, you can contact, anonymously if you wish, the Institutional Review Board by phone at (512) 471-8871 or email at If you agree to participate, click the “Agree” button to agree to the terms and conditions and begin the assessment.