Learning Objectives HWH Holistic Wellness Coach Training Program

You will learn to:

1.  Conduct coaching sessions in accordance with the International Coach Federation standards.

2. Create a safe, confidential space for self-discovery, collaboration, and healing.

3.  Facilitate the HWH Self Assessment.

4. Coach clients through the HWH Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program.

5. Empower clients to get out of their  own way and to respect themselves and others.

6.  Skillfully employ active listening and the Socratic method to help clients discover what will work best for them.

7.  Provide meaningful feedback that is non-evaluative, non-directive, and sensitive to the client’s emotions.

8. Use sessions with clients to teach them empowering tools  to strengthen their confidence and prepare them for life challenges.

9.  Inspire clients to use their creative subconscious to overcome limitations, connect to their true selves,  and visualize the realization of their goals.

10. Strengthen clients’ areas of overall well-being that they may have avoided or resisted in the past.

11.  Refer clients to other professionals and resources when appropriate.

12.  Help clients create a value-based schedule likely to set them up for success in the realization of their goals.

13.  Empower clients with conflict resolution and communication strategies to help them achieve win/win results with the important people in their lives.