“Unbelievable results! – There truly are no words kind enough to express my gratitude for what Dr. Leit has help me become. She is my own personal advocate. She is supportive and kind, non-judgmental, and insightful. She helped me to learn how to get out of my own way so that I could achieve the happiness that I have been seeking. She exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anybody who is in need of a positive change. She is incredible!”  -S.E.


“Zoilita’s commitment to the success of her students personally and professionally is profound. The support and training I received at the school was exceptional. I highly recommend her training as it has been a life expanding experience for me.”  -Athena

“My life was profoundly changed for the better after working through Dr. Lisa Leit’s Happy Whole Human program.” –Suzanne


“Dr. Leit’s visionary approach to wellness in an easily accessible format is simply brilliant.” -Colette


“My experience with Zoilita’s teaching was enlightening and life changing! Zoilita brings her depth of knowledge and true wisdom into the classroom and into her relationships with her students. This approach to Hypnosis is empowering and truly does support and encourage self-healing.”  -Amanda

“I found Lisa a delight to work with – professional, personal and positive – and she certainly challenged me.” –Nicole


“Zoilita taught me all the coaching and hypnosis tools I needed to help my clients reach their potential. I especially appreciate the time, dedication and encouragement Zoilita gave to make my practice a rewarding and successful business. My life has been transformed from attending her training and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to establish a successful hypnotic coaching career.”  -Deborah